Dr Chris Sandom


Aarhus University

Field of expertise

Large mammal distributions, community structure and conservation practitioners attitudes towards rewilding




Chris is a postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark, studying rewilding with large mammals (>10kg). Herbivory, as an essential process within the ecosystem, is key research field. Connectivity is an important ingredient in numerous aspects of conservation and so the large herbivore network has an essential role to play.

His PhD was focused on studying the interactions between wild boar and the Scottish Highland environment. I was particularly interested in quantifying the impact of rooting behaviour on the patch-scale disturbance regime. This restoration ecology based research led me neatly on to my current research interests considering the wider role of large mammals within ecosystems.

They're approaching this topic from numerous angles in an attempt to develop a more systematic approach to rewilding. His particular research interests includes:

(1) mapping/modelling past (late Pleistocene/Holocene) and present global large mammal distributions;

(2) large mammal community assemblage and structure in Europe;

(3) conservation practitioners attitudes towards rewilding;

(4) modelling predator-prey interactions in fenced reserve scenarios; and

(5) paleoecological reconstruction using beetle records.

My activities

I hope these research interests have given me expertise that will be of use to the LHNet. I'm also hoping that the LHNet could aid my research by helping me get in contact with European conservation practitioners? I'm hoping to try and gather estimates of large mammal population densities in large nature reserves throughout Europe as well as gauge their willingness to be involved with rewilding projects to varying extremes.