Babaev, Elmar

Researcher (PhD). Caucasus, Wild boar, Red deer, Chamois.
Precaspian Institute of Biological Resources Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia.

Baskin, Leonid

Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Darman, Yurii

Conservation of the Amur Region
director of WWF Russia Amur Region

Gruzdev, Alexander

Ecology of organisms, biological diversity
State nature reserve Wrangel island

Gusarov, Igor

bison in vast areas, veterinary issues, nutrition
"Biodiversity" Charity Foundation

Kholodova, Marina

Institute of Ecology and Evolution Russian Academy of Sciences

Kiriliuk, Vadim

Mongolian gazelle
Director of Daursky Biosphere Reserve, Mongolia

Krever, Vladimir

Species officer
WWF Russia

Lushchekina, Anna

large mammals in Central Asia
Senior Scientific Researcher; Russian MAB Committee

Mizin, Ivan

Wisent, reindeer
Caucasian State Nature Bioshere Reserve

Pereladova, Olga

WWF Central Asia Regional programme. Scientific research on acoustic communication, behaviour, ecology, conservation and restoration.
WWF Russia

Stishov, Mikhail

Arctic officer
WWF Russia

Vaisman, Alexey

Senior Program Officer of TRAFFIC Europe-Russia/WWF-Russia
TRAFFIC Europe-Russia/WWF-Russia

Weinberg, Paul

Mountain ungulates (Caprinae), ecology, behaviour, morpholoy, evolution; Caucasus, former Soviet Central Asia. Russia
North Ossetian State Nature Reserve

Wystorobets, Eugene A.

Homo sapiens, Barbatula megra, Salvelinus alpinus (L.)
Moscow Initiative on International Environmental Law Development (MIeLD); Faculty of Public Administration of Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Justice of the SupremeC of RF and SupremeCommercialC of RF
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